Monday, April 11, 2011

Election: Letter to MP

Hon. June Draude,

I have to thank you for making an appearance and speaking at our science fair in Foam Lake.  As the elections draw near I  am finding it challenging as to who to vote for.  I am trying to get an Idea of each candidates values and status on Human Rights. We are a prolife non profit organization who believe that children in the womb have rights too.  I am with an organization called Canada Silent No More and would like to hear your view on the issue of Abortion.

Health Canada advises against smoking during pregnancy, as it can harm your unborn child. Yet, Canadian health care dollars pay for the destruction (by abortion) of over
100,000* unborn children annually. As a society which prides itself on its sense of equal rights, why not protect all unborn children?
*The leading cause of death in Canada is induced abortion...over 275 abortions occur each day. The number of repeat abortions, that is, a second, third or fourth
abortion for the same person, continues to rise in Canada. Repeat abortions, increased from 20% in 1985 to 37.4% in 1998.

Also I would like to hear your view on Roxanne's Law, MP Rod Bruinooge's Private Members Bill, C- 510. C-510 seeks to amend the Criminal Code to make it an offence for someone to coerce or attempt to coerce a female person to have an abortion. Did you support this bill?

We also are together petitioning to the house of Commons as per below:

WHEREAS: The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) promotes the establishment of abortion
as an international human right, and lobbies aggressively to impose permissive abortion laws on developing nations.

Over eighteen hundred future citizens of Saskatchewan die every year by abortion- paid with our tax dollars! Meanwhile, other urgent medical treatments have long waiting times!  We are told that there are more important issues. We are told that we should be looking after the children already born.  We  are even accused of having a lack of concern with the life and health of the mothers and that abortion is a necessary evil and we just have to learn to live with it. 
The politicians, of course, are quick to point out the Canada Health Act which requires provinces to pay for "medically necessary procedures" But abortion is almost always a procedure of convenience.  Consequently, not all provinces fund the killing of their Pre-born children.

What of the health of the mother? Women who have had abortions show increased infertility, increased risk of premature delivery and ectopic pregnancies with subsequent pregnancies, increased risks of breast cancer, as well as cervical and uttering damage.  Not many women would choose abortion of they were given support and all these facts.

Science clearly shows that human life begins at conception. That is a basic fact believed even by pro- abortion advocates. During this election, make the right to Life a priority. A for politicians, political gain at the expense of te basic right to life is a horrific abuse of power.  Differences between preborn babies and other people are not in species (human or not) but in size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency.  These differences also exist among those of us who survived past the womb! 

As there should be no denial of the right to life to ANYONE already protected under Canadian Laws( those already born).  regardless of where they fall on any of these continuums, so should there be no denial of the human right to life to those at the most vulnerable ends of the scale, preborn children and the disabled or elderly!
Canada is a country that respects human rights.

The majority of Canadians stand with the preborn child, her mother, and her family, threatened by abortion. It has been repeatedly shown by annual polls conducted by Environics Research Group (see ) that the clear majority of Canadians support pro-life legislation.

Therefore, on this 40th anniversary of the darkest day in Canadian history, I call upon Parliament to pass legislation for the protection of Human Life from the time of Fertilization/ conception until natural death.
God be with You June!

I hope to hear from you soon on these issues of life and Death..

Many Blessings
Melody Stefanson

To stop government funding of International Planned Parenthood Federation