Friday, June 17, 2011

Our UN Mission TRIP to Geneva!

We were a voice for the voiceless and stood for God's word, way, truth and life in the "Serpent's Lounge" at the UN.

UN-Geneva-World Health Organization is working to make abortion a universal woman's right to have her child killed. They are also pushing liberal sex education into every nation. God had me speak to many doctors, Ministers of Health and delegates on the pain of abortion, and how it killed my children.

Divine appointments were made with VIP's from Kenya, Poland, Mali, Chad, Korea, Zimbabwe, Timor-Leste, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Ghana, Congo, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Tanzania… and also had the opportunity to speak to the Ambassadors to Uganda and Zambia! Praise The Lord!

I was invited to attend a meeting at the UN, held by the "International Alliance of Patients' Organizations where I shared about Canada Silent No More as former abortion patients who were never informed about all of the risk factors of abortion including subsequent depression, suicides, substance abuse, breast and cervical cancers, pre-term births and fertility problems etc.  We were invited to join their coalition to get an international voice!

While staying at our Geneva Hostel, we spoke to a group of Lutheran's from Germany who sadly thought it was okay for a woman to choose to have her child killed and argued with me, however, I stood my ground in love, and tried to persuade with the Word of God that He hates the shedding of innocent blood, and bring humanity to the children in the womb.  Another group of United Church and Anglican's were also at the facility who thought abortion was a woman's right, and again I spoke God's Word, Truth and Way to them, hoping the blinders would be removed, as the gods of this world had blinded their minds also.

I thank God for Melody who accompanied me from Saskatchewan and was a great help!  The Pro Life coalition on site included Jeanne Head,  Scott Fischback and Mary Langois from the USA, Patrick Buckley from Ireland and ourselves from Canada.

A huge thank you for everyone who prayed for us, and helped to send us to be a voice for women and children damaged and destroyed by legal abortion.

Denise Mountenay