Friday, November 4, 2011

Praise Report from Denise & Molly!

United Nations Geneva Report: Oct. 10-14th 2011

Molly White and I got into the UN early on Monday and headed straight to the "Serpents Lounge" to see who the Lord would have us talk to…and we spoke to several people about the pain of legal abortion, how it damages women physically and psychologically and killed our children. Rev. 12:11,12, Prov. 31:8.

We headed to the CEDAW (Committee on the

Elimination of Discrimination Against Women)

meetings at the UN-Palais, they too are pushing

the legalization of abortion globally to make it a

woman’s right to have her children in the womb

killed on demand. As I was handing out

information sheets on the desks of every

representative on the pain of legal abortion,

before the meeting started, the Secretariat of

CEDAW took us out into the hallway where we could share our message with him. It turns out that he was personally on the prolife side, and gave us some pointers. We later talked to another committee member as well.

Our message for these meetings were that women are being forced and coerced to abort their children in well as the discrimination on female children being aborted in China and India…

There was a forum on "WORLD MENTAL HEALTH" where Molly and I attended. The speaker’s panel consisted of representatives from the World Health Organization, a Human Rights Lawyer, Geneva Director of Commission on the Status of Women, and others.

God made a way for me to give a statement to the forum about the psychological and emotional pain after abortion, my testimony, and stats on millions of women who suffer post abortion trauma. I handed out copies of the new mega, meta-analysis done by Dr. Priscilla Coleman showing that 81% of women who abort will suffer some kind of mental health issues, i.e. depression, suicides, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, etc. One of the panelists a psychologist came to me as I was leaving and thanked me for speaking up, and said that he was totally on board and prolife too.

We went to the UNFPA and left them some materials. We also attended a meeting On the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty and met with the Commissioner against Torture with the Human Rights Council International. ...we say NO Death

Penalty to children in the womb!! They do not deserve inhumane, brutal, cruel dismemberment, poisoning and decapitation. He was pro life, and encouraged us to start with our own nations.

We met with Dr. Mathai an obstetrician and epidemiologist at the World Health Organization. The meeting went very well. He was very pro abortion in the beginning, and trying to rationalize it for population control. Molly and I shared our testimonies and message on the pain of legal abortion and gave him an information packet with studies and research. I quoted how at the Nuremberg Trials how the Nazi doctors mutilated and experimented on Jews and children etc. so the international community declared that first surgery must be conducted on animals for testing, then if it is safe, on people...but women have become the guinea pigs when it comes to abortion He was taken aback when I said, "What study can you tell me about that confirms that induced, legal abortions are beneficial to women's reproductive health?? NOT ONE study and millions of women are suffering physical and psychological damage in silence!
We had good dialogue, and after hearing our concerns on the damage to women, and humanity of the children in the womb, he agreed that abortion hurts everyone.

Then we had several divine appointments at the UN-

Palais, where we talked to several people from

Uganda, and a Ugandan journalist interviewed us

for radio and newspaper there. We also met with a

representative of the Holy See.

The highlight on our last day was an excellent

meeting with the Minister of Women's Health from

the Ivory Coast in Africa! She had several of her

staff attend our meeting including a lawyer, NGO representative and other staff. She was so impressed with our message, resources and information that she wants to organize a forum for Molly and I to come and bring education and awareness to train up their NGO leaders and government leaders on the talking points to prevent abortions in their Nation!

ISRAEL Report: Oct. 14-22
nd To the Jew first....amen.

Molly and I shared our testimonies and witnessed the Gospel of Life to many people in Israel. I met and shared with a Jewish woman who had an abortion, and could not forgive herself; she felt unworthy, had low self esteem and believed that God would never forgive her. I told her the blood of Yeshua paid the price for even the sin of abortion! She was so glad to speak to us.

We celebrated Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) in Jerusalem; and attended the festivities International Christian Embassy for Jerusalem. We talked to lots of people. I met a Christian author of "The Long Love Letter" book, and after I told her about our mission, she said she would supply us with this book, and as many as we wanted along with a New Testaments too for all the post abortive women! PTL!

We watched an amazing video/documentary about our friend, Ishai and his wife Anat who are Messianic believers, run a pregnancy care centre, do post abortion recovery and are strong pro lifers too...his grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins were murdered in the holocaust in Poland...I learned that because of the inquisitions and the Nazi holocaust that "Christianity" is a huge stumbling block to the Jews! And therefore believers are greatly persecuted in Israel, and one Messianic family was sent a bomb, their son almost died from the blast, they are considered traitors and enemies of Jews.

We witnessed to several people in Tiberius by the Sea of Galilee including young men and women. I talked to a Jewish woman who lived in Romania for many first she told me that she was pro-choice and totally disagreed with what I was saying… I continued, and after some time, she told me that she had 17 abortions with her husband. However, he had recently died, and it was getting on her conscience. She began turning around...and when I told her about Yeshua...she told me in a whisper, that she believes in him too....PTL!!! We had many GOD appointments...sharing HIS way, truth and life here with many Israeli youth and young adults...also got to speak to a group of believers from around the world at the Bet Bracha hotel.

The best part was we got to share our testimonies and mission to a group of Christians visiting Israel, from northern Russia! Many of the women thanked us for speaking, and they all cheered after we spoke. Several of the women were post abortive who stayed for ministry after our talks. We prayed for them, as many wept for the loss of their children...we are praying about going there to teach them how to be a voice, minister to one another and prevent abortions. Praise the Lord, it was ALL GOD!! To HIM be all the Glory, Honour and Praise!


Denise Mountenay & Molly White