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Melody Stefanson has worked with Canada Silent No More (CSNM) as a Representative for Saskatchewan. She has shared her testimony on the pain of abortion in many different countries.
About 8 years ago Melody had watched Denise Mountenay, founder & president of CSNM on the Miracle Channel. Denise gave her testimony and message on abortion. Melody’s deep wounds, remorse and guilt surfaced. She cried out to God for forgiveness for destroying her children through abortion.
Melody became a strong Christian, and God has gifted her in writing and singing prolife and passionate songs. She knew God had a purpose for her life, and she wanted to join the call to be a voice for the voiceless and be silent No More.
She has been married for 21 years, and is the loving mother of 3 children.
Melody has taken a Group Psycho Therapy course and has completed the CSNM Healing & Equipping training as well as attending Rachel's Vineyard retreat. Her desire is to help other women traumatized by abortion.  She also has a heart to warn young people of the dangers of abortion and its negative impact. Melody is a singer/songwriter, Worship leader and speaker on the damage of legal abortion . Melody Also has been trained in Chaplin disaster response training and dealing with Trauma.  She has shared her songs at CSNM healing and equipping conferences as well as her testimony in different churches and fundraisers. She has also been a part of the CSNM Team to the United Nations in New York. Her vision is to touch hearts and minister through music and sharing her personal testimony.

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Marilyn said...

God Bless your work! I had the privilege of meeting Denise Mountenay in Winnipeg in 2004 at the National Pro Life Conference. I have read her book and we were blessed this year to have her speak in our little community in Northern Manitoba. I applaud your courage for joining Denise in this important work!
Marilyn Jackson, Flin Flon Pro Life