Saturday, April 21, 2012

United Nations NEW YORK for LIFE

Dear Friend for Life:

Again this year God provided a way for Melody Stefanson and I to attend meetings at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the United Nations in New York by providing our airfare and accommodations. Yahoo!

We thank God for Babette Francis the President of the NGO we work under, along with Molly White, Allan Parker, Millie Lace, Kelly Roy and their teams who attended the CSW and also helped by giving testimony on the damage of legal abortion and how it is destroying women and children and nations.

On Tuesday March the 6th we organized a Parallel Event at the Church Centre and had a packed room while Dr. Angela Lanfranchi and Joel Brind, PhD gave presentations on the link between induced abortion and breast cancer! Then Melody and I shared our testimonies on the lies women are told, and how abortion hurt us, and killed our children. Great feedback on the workshop!

We helped support other colleagues for life at the UN who worked long difficult hours to guard and protect language trying to be pushed into the Resolutions to open the doors to the sexualisation of children through sex education promoting homosexuality etc, as well as pushing the language in documents to legalize abortion as a woman's right globally to have her children killed and paid for by their countries. Most of Africa and most of South and Central America still have abortion as illegal.

Most of the developed nations like Canada, USA, Australia and all of Europe have had decades of sterilizations, the pill, and abortion on demand as a violent form of birth control. Now we have aging/dying populations with low birthrates that are not even replacing ourselves, even with the influx of immigrants.

This time Melody and I had the opportunity to meet with the UN Ambassador to Botswana and his assistant and left them with lots of information and resources from Human Life Alliance, along with several DVD's on fetal development, brochures on the breast cancer link to abortion and information from The Elliot Institute on the psychological and physical damage of legal abortion to women's bodies, minds and souls. They were very encouraged as abortion is illegal in Botswana although they have lots of pressure from outside to legalize it.

During the week I also had appointments with official delegates from Finland, The Netherlands and Malta. Tragically, the Scandinavian countries along with several of the European Union nations, the USA and Canada are some of the worst at pushing these anti-life, anti-God agendas... Several NGO's including feminist groups, Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes, Unicef and others are also pushing this agenda of hedonism for teenagers and death to children in the womb big time!

During my time at the UN, there were many divine appointments like when I approached a woman and began to share our message and my testimony, tears began to swell in her eyes, and I responded with, "so you know what I am talking about, I am so sorry...". We quickly connected and turns out she was on the committee working in negotiations about the language in documents so I was able to connect her with our pro-life/pro-family group experts to assist her with the language war.

During the week we met and spoke with many NGO's from Nigeria, Swaziland, Argentina, Rwanda, Ghana, Sudan, Senegal, Burkina du Faso, along with lawyers and Government leaders from Zimbabwe, Niger, Kenya, Uganda, Dominican Republic, and South Africa. I was able to talk to over 45 individuals during my week there. Praise the Lord! Also a lady doctor from Bangladesh was very impressed with our event, and invited me to come and share with all of her colleagues who were members of the International Muslim Women's Union.

On my way to our hotel one evening I stopped into a Lindt chocolate store (best chocolate) and began talking to the sales clerk, and turned out she was post abortive and a single Mom. She now wants to help our cause for truth, justice and promoting life.

Below is some information and further details from Sharon Slater's Family Watch International who also work hard in keeping language family-life based.

God bless you and Thank you for your prayers and support if you helped to send me or pray for us! Not sure where the Lord will send me next. HIS will be done on earth, amen.

Together for Life Ministries,

Denise Mountenay