Symptoms of PASS

Symptoms of Post Abortion Stress Trauma

If you've experienced an abortion, your life may have changed in the following ways. We can help.
• abusive behaviour
• alcohol and / or drug use
• Avoids baby reminders (like baby showers, baby stores, etc.)
• changes in relationship / marriage (70% of relationships/marriages break up within 1 year of an abortion, 90% within 5 years)
• control issues
• crying spells
• difficulty in all types of intimacy
• divides time into "before" and "after" the abortion
• eating disorders
• fails to bond with subsequent children
• loss of interest in sex
• loss of normal sources of pleasure
• marital stress
• need of financial success
• over-protective of living children
• promiscuity or frigidity
• reduced motivation
• secretive
• self-punishing and / or self-degrading behaviour
• sleep disturbances
• strained relationship with living children
• suicidal impulses
• tolerates abusive relationships
• wants atonement / replacement child
• withdrawn