Monday, May 2, 2011

You Named Me No One - Abortion

Updates from CSNM and our upcoming Mission Trip to Geneva!

Dear Friends for Life!

Denise and I are Going to the World Health Assembly, put on by the WHO-World Health meet and talk to Health Ministers and Leaders of nations about the pain of legal abortion, world demographics, and the humanity of children in the womb. We will be going on May 14- 21,  would you help us and be prayer back up and moral support at this time. Below are highlights from the United Nation Mission trip!  We are praying that donations will come in to cover our costs for Geneva, If This is something that God has laid on your heart and if you can't physically help and would like to donate to this mission then Please go to my Blog OR any of the links below to donate through PayPal which does accept credit card payments.

We are planning a Gala Dinner and silent auction for Aug 27th.. If you have any fundraising Ideas please let us know!  Can you HELP with Prayer backup for our missions? Fundraisers? Administration? Collecting testimony's? If you can send a donation to this ministry that would be such a blessing! All of the links below have information on how to donate.. Thanks SO MUCH for your support!!!

Don't be silent!
To the nations of the world: The blood of 100's of millions of babies cries out against you. Their cries are heard by God; a god of Justice, Judgment & Divine Retribution. He hears the cries of the afflicted and defends the oppressed. He sees what we do in secret. Turn and repent, before He repays us for what we have done.  I just recently watch the movie again " One night with The King". I LOVE this movie about Esther.  It was a story of personal Sacrifice,  She willingly risked her life so that others can be saved.  God reminded me during this movie that we all need to be Esther's for our pre-born children, who are being  massacred every day! Although Esther was hesitant at first, she followed through and was obedient with God's desire to help save the Jews.  I know personally I have struggled with keeping on the path for LIFE, it's not an easy path to be on. We expose ourselves to the people who want us to be silent, they don't want to hear the TRUTH about abortion.  We are spiritually attacked and verbally for sharing our Testimony, OUR personal story of how abortion hurt us and lead us to Kill our innocent Children.  We open our wounds and Bare our soul every time we share, but we have to keep Fighting this Goliath, We need to Stand for our Children,  however we can, or how God leads us to Help! God creates our paths, we need to follow his will for our lives.  And this is what we will do! God Bless you and I pray that you will Keep Up the Good FIGHT for Our Children in the Womb!
Many Blessing
Melody Stefanson
Canada Silent No More Sask
Box 56
Elfros, Saskatchewan
Canada, S0A0V0

Highlights from the 44th Commission on Population & Development Conference
Theme:  Fertility, Reproductive Rights & Development At the United Nations, New York April 11-15th
By Denise Mountenay-NGO-Endeavour Forum Inc. Canadian Director

First, I want to thank everyone who prayed and fasted, and who gave a donation to help send us to this conference at the United Nations for such a time as this.  Also, I thank God for making a way for Glenisaah Stauffer to join me as an intern to the UN on this mission.  We Christians, who work at the UN, are Ambassadors of a different government, the Kingdom of God.  With the direction of the Holy Spirit we meet and discuss issues on the earth with leaders of nations that matter to the heart of our Father, creator of the universe. Bravo to Sharon, Jeanne, Colleen, Samantha, Peter and the rest of the prolife, pro-family team too!

Sunday morning I attended Times Square Church, to praise our God and worship His Holy Name.  At the visitor’s reception, I met a woman from Uganda, who invited me to sit with her and her friends. I shared my heart with them; that I was in NY to attend this UN conference and meet with UN Ambassadors and leaders of nations on the pain of legal abortion, how it is damaging women and nations, and killed 3 of my children.

To my great astonishment, this woman turned out to be the UN Ambassador to Uganda’s wife!  Yes! Praise the Lord!  And she promptly invited me to her home for dinner and to meet with her husband. What a blessing.  He is also a doctor, a pediatrician, we spoke for over 2 hours, and he was very interested in my message and information.  Two days later Glenisaah and I visited the ambassador’s office as I presented him with gifts and information for his delegates.
Monday and Tuesday at the UN were filled with many divine appointments as we met with delegates from the around the world, including a judge from Trinidad and Tobago, Deputy, Director-General of Population for Japan, and UN delegates from Zambia, Gambia, St. Lucia, Equador, Argentina, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Chile…

On our way into the UN one day we met with 4 men from China, a lawyer who was incarcerated for 4 years for trying to bring a case against the one child policy, a Chinese journalist, a Christian, and an entrepreneur.  We totally supported them and they would like to arrange for Chinese women to hear our message also.
On Wednesday, I was blessed to make my statement to the whole UN Assembly on the pain of legal abortion, and how it is damaging women physically, psychologically and how it is affecting world demographics in a significant way. Several people thanked me afterward for this speech.  PTL!
Later that day there was a seminar on Cervical and Breast Cancer around the world, where I was also able to bring up the link between induced abortion and breast and cervical cancers. PTL!

China had a side event for population software, where I was able to make a statement against the one child policy and how we are very concerned about Chinese women who are forced to have abortions and forced to have sterilizations.  They said, they did not know how to answer that.
Thursday night I was invited by one of the staff of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is also a professor of a Bible College to come and give a message to his students. I got to pray for them as well, and minister to a post abortive woman. PTL!

To God be all the Glory, great things HE has done!  We felt there was a shift in the spiritual realm as we expose the lies of the enemy in that place and declare God’s word, way and truth. We know that babies will be saved and nations warned of the evil of human sacrifice, the shedding of innocent blood.
Thank you for listening.

Denise Mountenay
NGO-Endeavour Forum Inc. Canadian Director
Women for Life International
Co-Founder & Canadian Director
Speaker/Author of Forgiven... a true story
Together for Life Ministries
Canada Silent No More
107 Discovery Ave. Morinville, AB. T8R 1N1